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  Taj Mahal, Agra, India (By Olive Lycett)

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Icelandic Association of the Deaf
Address: Sudurlandsbraut 24, 108
  Reykjavík, Iceland
Email Address:
Telephone Number: 561-3560
Fax Number: 551-3567
Textphone Number:

Additional Information:
Founded in February 1960, the Icelandic Association of the Deaf provides general information on the implications of deafness and hearing loss, on deaf culture and Icelandic Sign Language. Another important role of the association in the deaf community is operating a clubhouse where deaf people meet. The location of the club is Sudurlandsbraut 24, 108 Reykjavík. At the same location there is also a very active youth club, a club for senior citizens and a club for deaf parents with hearing children.

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